Lisbon/Valencia 2016



In Lisbon, I stayed in my family house. On the first day, I went to the shopping Centre where a friend of mine works. We had coffee together, good conversation about our lives, and in the evening we went to the cinema.

On the following day, I woke up around ten, I enjoyed an amazing breakfast with my brother, we spoke about the news in Lisbon, after that I went to another shopping Centre to buy my outfit for the wedding of a friend of mine, which took place on Friday afternoon. I spent all afternoon looking for a perfect dress for the wedding and finally I found it, in one store where I have never been before lucky me. 

On the day of the wedding, I was there on time but some people arrived late, so I thought could be great opportunity to explore the place. When I was walking through the garden I saw a stunning swimming pool, a spacious lounge is and a beautiful dining-room.  Afterwards, everyone arrived and we started the ceremony, my friend was gorgeous with her wedding dress.

 It was emotional and unique moment, that I will never forget and I hope to have a similar experience one day 😉




Saturday morning, I took a plane to Madrid, I arrived there at 2:30 pm, travelled by coach to Valencia where my friend was waiting for me. I arrived at 10 pm in Valencia, and yes she was there, with a warm hug and a big smile which made me feel very well. In Valencia, I spent most of my time, in nightclubs at the beach playing beach volleyball, and swimming. I really enjoyed my 10 days of holidays with my lovely friends.


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