Paris 2014


I enjoyed a short winter gateway to Paris with two friends, two years ago.

All started from the studio flat that we managed to hire, a friend of my friend helped , thank God, and otherwise would be difficult to do it. In that moment I was working part-time and studying, obviously, I was not making a lot of money lol, but God is good that I could go to Paris ;).

 Once in Paris, we started to collect Maps from everywhere because we did not plan anything before, as restaurants to go, museums, galleries, etc. The first day we decided to visit the places near to our flat and do some shopping.

On the second day we went to visit the Eiffel Tower, wonderful moment, just to be near or below, I had felt very happy and blessed, I do not know why, but is the feeling of the spot and atmosphere. on the following days, we went to visit Notre Dam cathedral, Louvre Museum, champs Élysée,  Arc of Triumph, some others gorgeous heritages where we had a great time.

 It was an amazing experience because Paris is a city that always was in my dreams, and to have the opportunity to be there means that if I work hard and follow my dreams one day I will get there 😉