Let’s talk about dreams.

All starts from the bed, for me, is extremely important to have a comfortable and pretty bed, you may think that I am shallow, but makes a huge different in life.

In my bed is where I start wondering about what I am going to do next and is essential to have a dream, which means a reason for living, vision for a brighter future.

I would like to share, with you guys, my dream since I was 16 years old. I spent some time in my bedroom praying and dreaming about living in another country, learn a new language, meet new people and to be free.

Four years later I had the chance to go to Spain and live with my brother there. In Spain, I lived in Valencia, a stunning city near the seaside, that I just fell in love, with a delicious cuisine, warm weather, happy and beautiful people. Three years after my studies I had to go back to Portugal for family reasons, that moment was very hard and painful.

In Lisbon, although I was working, I was unhappy, I was feeling that my dream life was broken and I had to do something.

Lisbon is an amazing city, and I grew up there, however, my dream was living in a different place, I do not know how to explain, was a sort of craving for a new land.

Many things were in my mind, as to learn English, save money and move to England. I have decided to work and study at the same time, it was hard, but I can say that when I want something I need to go for it, at least try.

Now I am 28 years old, I am living in London, learning English, which is my third language.

I am glad, my family has helped, my dream come true, and also I might say I put effort on it.  I have learned that when your dream overtakes you no matter what your fears are, you will not allow it to stop you.

Please follow your dreams and believe in yourself 😉


6 thoughts on “Dreams

  1. I had the oppotunity to see this… And let me say in a few words that your blog reflects the simplicity and passion with which you’re living life. The essence is individual. Continue to follow and share your dreams. You have gained a lover of your scriptures. 🙂

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    1. Thank you very much dear 😜😜 is important for me to know that,around me have more people that have the same feeling as me.
      I am glad you like it, and I hope you can come with me to squeeze more out this land.
      Stay blessed 😘


  2. Very Nice my girl !
    I hope I will see you again in London !
    Never give up to dream and to work for your dream 💋💋


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