Carnaby street London



Today, I want to speak where I have been after work yesterday.

Carnaby Street, Is a good place to go  when you just want to destress a bit, have a drink and chat with a friend.

Unfortunately, that day the weather wasn’t great, was raining and cold.

Not really appealing to be outside, but is something that I have learned in life,  every day may not be good but there is something good in every day.  🙂

For some people can be a cliché, and if you start to think is true. In my case, I just decided to not think about the weather and think about to have a drink and meet my friend.

So, we went to Carnaby Street is an amazing  street near Oxford Circus where you can find bar, restaurants and shops, strange enough that I just started to go there last year and this time was the fourth. Another street that is great and near is Kingly court where you can find majority restaurants and bars.

I recommend you guys to go if is your first time in London or if you are living in here and never been there. I am pretty  sure for those who like to be in a friendly environment you will have loads of fun.

It is all for today, see you next time 🙂


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  1. Excellent 😍 Special for who wants to go to London and doesn’t know where. For those that live far way but wish one day come here, with you they can fly in their mind by following for words…. love it must to be share 😍😘💋


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