Westfield Stratford




It’s me again 🙂


Last  week I did not check any event to go, but I wanted to do something.

So I went to the shopping centre in Stratford/ Westfield,  I was not in need of anything in special, just a pair of a nice new  sunglasses that as everyone knows I don’t have to many.

Have done a short tour on the ground floor but a could see nothing that I felt in love.

Furthermore, on the first floor I saw TKMAX and I walked in after trying on a few sunglass I found this gorgeous sunglasses that you can see in my pictures.

Was like they were waiting for me, not only beautiful and amazing price £13 :).

TKMAX, is abroad that I start to go since I moved to London they have a huge range of items from different brands with amazing prices, I really recommend you gay to go there if you need something, good quality and value.

In addiction, of my great day the weather was warm and sunny, friend of mine and I, we found a awesome spot with nice chairs we anyone can go and sit there to relax, read a book, eat, make a phone call etc.

That it how was my day off last week very positive and relaxed 🙂

See you next time 🙂