My hair style for this weekend

Hello everyone! Today I didn’t make any plans so I am at home relaxing and organizing things that need to be done.

However, I have this feeling that I need to do something, the weather is not very sunny but does not matter in my room is always good temperature 🙂 and  I had a great idea to do something with my hair, something nice and different.

I bought some hair extensions from the beauty shop near my home, the cheapest one about £3 the package.

After watching several times videos on youtube about hair style so have learned  how to do a long and beautiful braid.

Is not easy, to do but with some practise I GOT IT , here is the result and I hope you guys like it.

That’s for today, see you next time 🙂




Hello everyone, today I would like to share my recent experience.

I have been invited to be a model for a competition for eyelash extensions, something new for me and at the same time very exciting because my lashes are short and it was a good opportunity to have a new look done from a professional.

The reason I am saying that is because I have tried before the fake lashes that you buy from drugstore and did not work well, after a few hours they came off my eye during a night out. Yes was not nice moment I had to remove from my eyes at the middle of the night.

This amazing event happened in London Olympia, where were some more beauty events going on during that day.

From the pictures you guys can see my lashes before and after, and how I look, I hope that you like as me.

In addition, I  have to say my eyelash professional  Kasia, was super kind and caring about how I feel and I will look like what to me is very important, even-though she was underpressure.

To finalize, Kasia own the competition in her specialisation, something that made me feel proud of her.

Please if you need eyelash extensions do not hesitate to book your appointment at .

see you soon  xoxoxo